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This week we had the privilege to work with one of our long standing client at the Glasgow City Centre Office.

We were tasked to kit out there Brand new Office. This included moving all there IT Equipment from there Old Office and setting everything up as it was before.

The task its self was a little more than a simple more. We had the painstaking task of test each Cat5e Connection that was in there new office before we could carry out any move. To make things a little worse, the network rack at the new premises was a too small to hold all there current equipment. So we had to remove this from the way, luckly we had there nice new Rack that we only installed a few months ago to bring over to the new premises. This is an All-Rack Floor standing rack, which are an absolute pleasure to work with.  1 other issue we had with this install is the rack will be customerand visitor facing as there is no place to hide it. This again is were the All-rack rack comes into it a world of its own, with the dark glass, all round locks, it is the perfect solutions for visable racks.

Over the coming this few weeks, This rack will be home to some more equipment, as well more equipment will connected to the rack

Here is the finished results:


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